Kenny Golladay: Player Spotlight

For those who don't know, Kenny Golladay is a Wide Receiver that was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 3rd round of the 2017 NFL Draft. I think he landed in a perfect situation and he has the potential this year to make a fantasy football impact. 

When studying players though, film can only get you so far. Kenny Golladay has good film, he's raw, but has quiet hands and a big radius. I wanted to go deeper than film though and figure out for my readers and listeners of the podcast exactly who they would be getting if they drafted Kenny Golladay in Fantasy Football. In order to do that, I talked to one of his former teammates and fellow Wide Receiver, Chad Beebe.

Chad and I have connections going back to high school and he's currently one of the top Wide Receivers at Northern Illinois University. Son of former NFL Wide Receiver, Don Beebe, Chad grew up around the game and knows what it takes to be an NFL Wide Receiver. Chad graciously agreed to talk with me about Kenny and I loved what he had to say...

Kyle: "For those who don't know, what was your connection with Kenny Golladay?"

Chad: "He transferred in before his junior year, and once he transferred in he had to sit out. So, starting out I didn't see him a ton. With practices, he was with the scout team 'cause obviously he couldn't play. And then I was on the other side of the field, so as far as practices go, I didn't know much of him until that following year when he was able to play. Overall, I mean, he's obviously a fantastic player. He's a good guy too."

"What type of player did the Lions get when they drafted Kenny in the 3rd round?"

"Well, Kenny for sure has really good hands. You notice that right off the bat. He catches it easily and has soft hands. You may have heard the term before, but he catches it and it's almost quiet. He kind of just absorbs the ball. And just the fact that he can snag it with one hand with ease and his radius is obviously huge with his stature. So, he can make a catch from anywhere on the field. And then he's also got pretty good speed for how big he is. I want to say he's around 6'4", 220 probably. And he can carry his weight pretty well. Honestly, I think with the coaching he's going to get in the NFL that the sky's the limit for him, that's how I feel. His talent is off the charts, it's just a matter of how hard he wants to push himself to be as great as he wants to be. And I'm not saying that he won't, nobody can really tell, only the player themselves can tell you that."

"Do you think he has the potential to make an impact year one? Talk has been about how he's a developmental project. With you growing up around your dad and knowing what an NFL receiver looks like, do you think he's a project? Or can he step right in?"

"You know, this is the easy answer but I'll go into some detail, but anyone in the NFL, even the veterans, will still tell you that they have room to grow. But, because he is a rookie, I think it's more so for him. He's obviously got a lot to develop on, and I don't know the whole situation with the Lions. I don't know who they have as wideouts, aside from their top guys, but I would say with just his talent alone, he's got a great shot to make an impact. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the field more so than not this year. I'm excited for him. If I had to guess, I would definitely say that we'll see him on the field this year quite often."

"What's the most underrated part of his game, in your opinion?"

"That's a great question. You know, one thing I did notice, is that he does have a 'go get it' attitude. If he's got a challenge ahead of him, he definitely rises to the occasion. I guess I wouldn't necessarily say it's underrated, I just don't think people can see that yet. Maybe this year that will come out if he gets the opportunity. But I do think he would rise to the occasion and get the opportunity. I think that's just how he is and the kind of football player that he is. We kind of had a joke, we'd call him 'Go-Go Golladay' cause he would just get after it."

"The most important you play fantasy football? And if you do, would you draft Kenny this year?"

"That's funny you ask that, I actually don't play fantasy football. Don't ask me why, I don't know why I don't, because all my family does. Maybe it's time or whatever, but if I did, I would. He could be a dark horse."


A huge thanks to Chad for taking time out of his day to talk some football and his thoughts on new Detroit Lions Wide Receiver, Kenny Golladay. I look forward to seeing what Kenny can do on the field and I personally think he has a great shot at becoming a big part of the Lions offense this year. Be looking at him as a fantasy football sleeper. 

Kyle Yates